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I am sitting on the plane on my way to New York. It’s Halloween this weekend and I will be heading to Allison Sarofim’s legendary Halloween Party themed Calder’s Circus and possibly another Party at PS1 afterwards. Allison’s Halloween parties are famous for being the best ones in town. So let’s see what happens. The real reason why I am heading to the big apple is to see my sister Maria. She is currently living in New York working at the UN. The truth is I miss her dearly. My sister and I are best friends. We were partners in crime in our partying days scavenging Madrid, Paris, New York, Ibiza you name it in search of the juiciest parties. For the most part we were flat mates, attended the same school and then the same University, shared many of our closet friends and most of our clothes. It’s great having a sister even sartorially speaking. It means you have double the amount of clothes, shoes and accessories. Today my sis and I have grown out of partying hard. We each have our own flats, work hard at our careers and we don’t even share that many friends anymore but we are still extremely close. Since I haven’t really had a real home ever since I left for boarding school at the tender age of 15 my sister has become my constant, my portable family so to speak. So I am delighted to be seeing her in just a few hours. Spending quality time with her in one of my favourite city’s in the world is pretty hard to topple. But in all honesty I wouldn’t even need an excuse for a few day in NY.

Yours always xx The Princess

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  1. maria says:

    Hey El

    I like your new site, the name is cool too and I really love our picture this time round. Very honoured.
    Can you believe I then found out we missed ‘The Burning Man’ party in Brooklyn that same night…

    Love, M

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