Victim Fashion Street And Little Wonder Productions Present: A Tribute to Liu Wen Zheng

Fashion Designer and Artist Mei Hui Liu is an East London Fashion Icon known for her “Secret Rendezvous” Underground Fashion Parties and her label Victim Fashion Street’s handmade vintage-inspired punk lolita style dresses.

Mei Hui collaborated with filmmaker Giada D. on two short fashion films “Seasons of Love” and “Golden Afternoon” which have screened in international art galleries.

The two women metup for tea recently to discuss a new fashion film collaboration at the Victim Popup shop on London’s Redchurch Street. Meihui enthused about her life-long passion for the music and style of Taiwan-born Pop Star Liu Wen Zheng “The Prince or Elvis of China” and a desire to put together a tribute band. Many emails bounced back and forth with Meihui sharing Zheng’s retro youtube videos much to the delight of Giada’s penchant for tongue-in-cheek pop-culture and nationalistic kitsch.

A girl band “The Gothic Lolitas” was formed by calling together Meihui’s model muses and promptly signed to Giada’s Kitsch Palace Record label for a single release in early 2012.

The results of this creative meeting of minds can be seen as a tribute to Liu Wen Zheng, to Chinese meets British pop-culture style and to girls just wanting to have fun.

The Gothic Lolitas photo: David Shih Chen Ta

Victim Fashion Street: Seasons of Love by Giada D.

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  1. Jade says:

    I adore the models expeclliy Ella blake :)

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