Hahnemühle has been producing paper for artists and printmakers since way back in the 16th Century and here they are continuing the tradition with the UPON PAPER project.

What strikes you at first about the publication is the sheer size of the thing – at 490 x 690 mm (that’s bigger than A2) it is an imposing presence – but when you open the custom-made box it comes in, it’s the quality that jumps out at you – the extravagant papers, inks, and shear opulence of layout.

Editor Holger Homann and Creative Directors Paul Hetherington and Helder Suffenplan have seemingly given their selection of contributors free reign – and in return they’ve really risen to the challenge, producing imagery which takes full advantage of both the medium and the format.

Issue 2 is themed ‘COLOR’ and the cover, designed by Peter Saville with a nod towards some of his seminal previous works, takes this quite literally. Inside are colourful contributions from, among others, Nick Knight, David Bailey, William Eggleston, Wolfgang Tillmans, Erwan Frotin, Gavin Watson, Solange Brand, Steve Shapiro and Walter Pfeiffer – the whole thing as they say ‘curated like an art portfolio’ or indeed put together like a giant scrapbook of great and interesting things.

The really striking thing about the production is that it appears to all intents and purposes to exist mainly as a vehicle for doing beautiful things - here’s a link to help you find yourself a copy and marvel at both the ambition and the realisation.

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