Evan Parker at Thomas Dane

Events in galleries can sometimes combine the best of two worlds, and in the case of the recent solo performance by Evan Parker at the Thomas Dane Gallery, those two worlds are art and music. The Gallery put the evening on quietly, in a relatively small space, and it was completely amazing.

Anyone who knows Parker’s style will be fully aware that music is a flexible term and his circular-breathing, ten- to fifteen-minute bursts of densely-layered, amelodic, soprano saxophone with continual fluttering and super-rapid fingering is something that has to be heard to be properly appreciated.

To that end, I recommend listening to this for an introduction (that was then and this is now, but it gets the vibe across) – and you’ll get an idea why, over a forty-year career, Evan Parker has carved out an untouchable reputation for ploughing his own artistic furrow.

The performance accompanied Thomas Dane’s excellent Dominick Di Meo exhibition Limp Voyeur In a Humid Landscape – the first overview of ‘self-acknowledged recluse’ Di Meo outside the US and a UK introduction to a man who, in Chicago in the ’50s, was part of the ‘Monster Roster’ – reason enough for an examination of his work.

Dominick Di Meo Limp Voyeur In a Humid Landscape is on at the Thomas Dane Gallery until April 13.


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