News from Nohowhere 14.3.12

Another great show from Mummery + Schnelle in Great Titchfield Street – Point – Horizon – Structure: Photography and Experience - bringing together three artists for a photography-heavy group show themed around perception.

We particularly liked Jyll Bradley’s installation at the front of the gallery – the lightbox is fantastic and makes for a beguiling start to the show, not least on a dark evening in Nohowhere. Further in, we’ve always been big fans of Paul Caffell’s platinum prints, self-referential, abstract and entirely representational, they have a purity of image and a beautiful tonality. And rounding off the triptych of creators is Terry Smith, who presents a number of works covering his practice in photography, drawing and film, including his great photograph of a Tate intervention.

Get down there before April 28 and enjoy for yourself.

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