Bone Daddies – Ramen, bibs and gin in Soho

So every week, if not every day, another eatery opens in Soho. And then there are all the places round corners often passed which suddenly register in the psyche. Bone Daddies is one of the latter. A new noodle bar, or not so new, but overlooked by me, naturally, with a difference. Arranged in high benches with stools eaters are provided with the usual soy sauce good quality chopsticks but also amusingly disposable plastic bibs for slurping in the Japanese fashion, and (also) good quality girly bands to hold back hair, presumably to prevent it falling in the broth.

It’s in the unprepossessing Peter Street, down the southern end of Wardour almost opposite Old Compton. Despite attempts by what I presume to be the Raymond empire to bring improvements down here, which they have, I noticed the funky bike shop opposite has closed and the shop next door, is too, although I cannot remember what they used to sell. Bone Daddies hides itself in a groovy black paint exterior.

Inside the young and right on of Soho hang out. I remember what my old Dad said to me; that even if you feel old among those young’uns they think you’re in the groove for being there…(wishful thinking).

The menu seems like so many noodle bars, but that’s what it is, and their dishes are damned good and many spicy, from the Soy Ramen with Chashu Prok to the Kimchee Ramen (good kimchee) through their Dipping Ramen. Dishes are around the £10 mark with a choice of tempting extras: yellowtail sashimi and soft shell crab with green chili and ginger sauce. As Ye Olde Wolle would say, Y.U.M and he is always right. This is all supplemented with a good drinks list and the almost, ubiquitous, own label gin. Well worth a visit, and a return.

Johnny Benedetto

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