Rain Room at the Barbican

Random International’s new Rain Room at the Barbican Curve Gallery is an installation to be proud of. You enter the space enveloped in darkness – with something going on unseen around the corner – and as you approach it becomes clear that that distant noise actually is rain that you can hear, even thought you’re inside, and once the artificial shower comes into view the visual majesty of the work presents itself.

To add to the beautiful spectacle of backlit rainfall inside a darkened gallery space, the rain stops above your head as you approach it, leaving you dry in the middle of the shower which continues all around you – you advance, the wall of rain in front of you recedes and the one behind you plays catch-up. Move too fast and you might get wet, but keep calm, move normally and you’ll most likely exit the far side of the rectilinear shower in the condition you entered it, but with added life-experience.

The beautifully named Random International is a group of ex-RCA students who have inter alia elevated a form of interactively-controlled environment into a high-design artform, and the Barbican Curve Gallery is the perfect venue for such a piece.

Random International: Rain Room is on until March 3, 2013

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