Koo Jeong A: Navigation without numbers at Pilar Corrias

Koo Jeong A’s exhibition at Pilar Corrias in Eastcastle Street is an experiential pleasure. Walking past, and indeed initially into, the gallery you could be forgiven for thinking that they were awaiting installation of the next show. In fact the work consists of the walls at either end of the empty gallery space periodically shaking – a little like the earthquake room at the Geological Museum – a strange and unsettling intervention in an otherwise highly familiar environment. It is a sign of the subtlety of the work that whilst it may not be immediately evident, once appreciated it is keenly felt.

In the downstairs piece – which is again an installation – conversely the intervention is anything but subtle. The entire floor is painted a vivid pink, suffusing the whole space and giving the impression of being underwater in some otherworldly dayglo sea. In this ethereal environment are forty delicate drawings in blue by and of Jeong A herself.

In a manner very different from the ground floor piece Jeong A again produces an experience – immersive and interesting and unostentatiously grand in scale.

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