Basel by the Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach VIP passes

Patrick Fetherstonhaugh at the Margolies Collection

under an Olafur Eliasson at the Margulies Collection

Art Basel Miami Beach was hot, busy and fantastic – partly perhaps because I took the precaution of travelling with the Swiss Cultural Attaché, her sister who works in private dealing and Issa, a Swedish painter, partly also because we decided to get there a few days early – allowing for a bit of beach R+R before everything kicks off and meaning that when the Wednesday morning rolled around and the door to the Fair opened to the serious, we could hit it early, hard and long.

The Fair is great, especially the sections for galleries presenting new works (Art Nova) and single artist platforms (Art Positions) and there are also at least a dozen satellite shows on offer, including the slightly confusingly named Art Miami – where we visited our friend Di Poole for some great photography at the Atlas Gallery Stand – and an impressive Design Miami.

In addition to the various fairs there are the family collections in the design district to visit – Friday morning was the official opening of a fantastic exhibition at cifo, the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, guest curated by another friend, Tate’s Simon Baker – and we also visited the Rubell’s (with porridge by Jennifer Rubell), the Margulies collection, the de la Cruz space and the Scholl’s ‘World Class Boxing’ whose one room offered another amazing photography show.

Gallerie Perrotin event at Art Basel Miami Beach

the Gallerie Perrotin opening

Later on each day there was of course the nightlife to negotiate, including a top night dancing outdoors at the Gallerie Perrotin opening, a wildly over-subscribed event at the Raleigh after the official Fair opening at the W, more excitement at the Delano, the Setai, the NADA party at the Canyon Ranch Resort, and, and, and…

So, an Art Basel Miami Beach cribsheet: the Main Fair with its special sections – as many other fairs as we could fit in starting with Art Miami and Design Miami – the family collections, especially cifo and the ‘secret’ Rubell porridge – and as much nightlife as you can handle – a packed schedule that actually made coming back to London something of a chore.

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    nice one patrick people can say what they like olafur eliasson rocks and yes art fairs (just like porridge) are all about first come first serve!

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