seduced and abandoned

At this time of year we are repeatedly reminded of the sad plight of Christmas trees, seemingly turfed out on every street corner – so to the book of the Seduced and Abandoned series of photographs by Patrick and Tristram Fetherstonhaugh – black and white pictures of these discarded Christmas trees, casting a sharp light on the casual unthinkingness of this part of the Christmas ritual.

Shot in a manner reminiscent of both Japanese photo-books and New York crime-scene photography, the work emphasises the trees’ forlorn and forgotten status once the festive season has ended, and in so doing perhaps provides a fitting memorial to the fallen.

If all that sounds a bit down-beat don’t despair though, in April the brothers will be celebrating beginnings, with an exhibition at the Margaret Street Gallery in London of their photographs of Blossom – shot in London and printed in Tokyo.

The Seduced and Abandoned books are available from the Photographers’ Gallery in London, the Yvon Lambert bookshop in Paris, and direct from the artists – an additional 50 are on sale separately as numbered editions with an accompanying colour print from the series.

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