the Good the Bad and the Foxy!

Another week has passed and I am about to hop over the pond (I wish it were that easy) destination NYC. I decided that the Armory (the NYC equivalent to Frieze Artfrair) is more worthwhile than another Fashion Week which I initially contemplated on doing. Aside from the Armory and the Independent Fair, there is tons happening in the big apple this week. The Independent Fair is particularly interesting to me. Set up by a bunch of younger galleries for the first time last year it’s success is bringing it back for round two. In fact this year even more galleries are on board. I suppose the two founders, London based Hotel  gallery and Elizabeth Dee in NYC felt an antidote to the established fair with all the politics surrounding it, was needed.  I have heard many good things about it and looking at their  line-up of galleries, looks very promising (  The George Condo retrospective at the New Museum is another must see for me.  Aside from the fact that he is an amazing painter he is also an old friend of the family who I have known since I was a child. One year my mum invited him and his family to stay commissioning him to paint our portraits. Despite the fact that my mum’s PA was on his case all day long he managed to do as little work as possible, preferring to go ice-skating with us on our frozen pond. Of course we love him for it!

There are two shows by female artists, both of them very good friends, which I will check out. “Nothing ever touches” is a group show of women with my friend Olympia Scarry exhibiting an installation as well as a performance. Tomorrow night I’m planning on having fun at a wild Russian party following the opening of Natacha Ivanova at Cueto Projects. I am also very much looking forward to meeting up with T.J. Wilcox, a video artist I discovered at Sadie Coles gallery recently. He strikes me as a fascinating artist and I am planning on sharing some of the juicy bits of our conversation with you on Viveteria. I would have much preferred to post a little clip rather than text only, but sadly you will have to wait for The Princess Diaries TV a little longer. Unfortunately my favorite video collaborator and soon to be a regular Viveteria contributor the fabulous Giada D will not be with me this time. Nevertheless I promise to report in usual manner from the many parties, dinners and other exciting meetings and calamities that I stumble across.

After the hectic artfair mania I will be off to St Barth’s for some sun, sea and as I was told by my lovely host, paddle-boarding and surfing classes. “Bring sturdy swimmsuits” was her direction. I like the sound of that.

Talking about sturdy and just to keep you in the loop but last week was pretty manic as well. Trying to finish my Princess Diaries book seems to involve a lot more work than expected but at least I can promise many more anecdotes and stories in my book than previously revealed in my blogs. I thought my readers needed some more pestering. There is one last thing I need to briefly recap- last week’s highlight so to speak: remember I mentioned my much needed winter serotonin boosters? Well I have found the best one, a recommendation par excellence so to speak. It is probably the most thrilling experience since kite-surfing into the waves in Kenya. In fact last week’s thrill was even thrillier:  my serotonin boost of the week was fox-hunting. Yes, I know it’s extremely politically incorrect and of course our hunt complied with the law. Helloooo!!! Dahh! It did not involve the cruel and evil chasing and shredding of  poor little foxes. Rather the whole commotion happens, the hounds, the horses, the canters and jumps at neck-breaking speed, everything minus the fox. Galloping over medows or even better through the thicket and forest paths, ducking and twisitng in order not to get decapitated by a branch with a group of friendly and well dressed country-side troops is extremely pleasurable and scary of course. Geared-up in tweeds and jodhpurs on a darling of a horse named Jester, awaiting the horn to be blown and the full-throttle to begin, with sausage-rolls and dangerously smelling teas being passed around, I felt as though I had hopped straight into a Nancy Mitford novel. It was right up my street (bellow my sister (far right) and I getting boosted.

And may I bore you with my own little conspiracy theory? I might just have come up with the real reason behind the ban on fox-hunting. In fact the ban is really a plot between Mrs Miuccia Prada and the government : Have you seen the abundance of fluorescent colored  fox-stoles in Prada’s  recent S/S collection? Come on, that’s where all the foxes are sold to. Save the foxes to wear them around your neck just like another friend of mine, the beautiful Shala Monroque, Pop’s editor-at-large and fashion icon did during Couture in Paris. She made me quite jealous. I want one! Sorry foxies I do like you, but you seem to be quite a show-stopper when brought out of the woods and around our necks. If retail prices are anything to go by then the UK selling their foxes might be a way out of the recession. There you go, national debt sorted in just one blog.

Got to fly. More from the NY front line very soon. xx

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