No Noise – Selfridges

Taking a somewhat unexpectedly sideways look both at the need for brand-recognition and the general cluttered-ness of modern life, one of our favourite London department stores – the cornucopic Selfridges – is currently indulging in a month or so of “No Noise”, with minimal-aesthetic clothing, items both de-branded and naturally restrained and a series of talks, experiences and events held at its Oxford Street base.

If you want to just jump in there and buy your silence, head to The Quiet Shop on the ground floor where they are offering the “No Noise” look with clothing from the likes of Jil Sander, Acne and Thierry Mugler (not all of them particularly known for the restraint of their design). And whilst we would have liked some menswear of course, for the women in our lives we’d have almost everything – perhaps starting with the Acne Zone t-shirt and the Thierry Mugler Asymmetric shirt?

To give your home the look, on offer from the ‘product’ side of things is a selection of de-branded designs – which clearly prove just how unimportant actual words can be to a strongly visual bit of logo design – together with some lovely items by both Max Lamb and Paul Cocksedge. Putting this all together with more familiar names like Caran d’Ache and Mac (makeup not computers) creates an unusual mix of the current and the avante garde which is all to Selfridges’ credit.

Moving to the more experiential side of things, you can immerse yourself in the self-explanatory Silence Room, or search out one of the special pods dotted throughout the store for a quick update on the failures in your current meditation technique.

To top it all off – and take No Noise to its logical conclusion – on February 23rd they are staging a performance of John Cage’s famous, and famously silent, work 4’33″.

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