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Welcome to our new site. It is incredibly exciting to find my dearest diaries have found such a sleek and snazzy new home so seamlessly. I wish I had found a new home so quickly. Unlike me my diary didn’t even really have to search at all. Lucky bitch. Of course this seamless transition is all due to the wonderful Tristram, art director of FQR and now my new website buddy. He is your man if you need good design by the way. Talking about good design don’t be deceived our site is of course still in the build-up and needs lots more content fed i.e much more art related knick knack, maybe a few more carefully selected blogs plus of course many more Princess Diaries as well as Princess Diaries TV which I am hoping to find time to make. But non of that clutter, I can’t stand these samey websites filled with everything minus info of any interest. See what I mean? Thus far it’s all a bit of secret still since I haven’t even told any of my friends and family about our new site. To be honest I have been so immersed in my Princess Diaries book project that there has not been much time it feels to do anything else. Well aside from a few trips here and there, scoring my first goal playing a chukker in the countryside and very few nights out. I feel like a bit of a hermit these days. I hope it’s the weather but I am not feeling terribly socially motivated. Mostly things have been evolving all around work. Terribly grown-up I fear.

Because I mentioned my trip to NYC the other day let me give you a brief load down. Firstly I conclude that I no longer love Halloween. Don’t get me wrong I had a brilliant time and my Saturday night was great fun but the whole hoo-ha around it is too much. The most important thing for me on such ueber-nights is to see as much as possible. So my sis and I headed to Gavin Brown’s gallery for a performance by the artist Mark Leckey. We joined forces with Olympia one of my best friends and her lovely boyfriend Neville who were already there as we arrived very late and in the middle of the performance. Leckey way showing his brand new work with the wonderful name of: GREENSCREENREFRIDGERATORACTION. The best thing about this bizarre show was its name. The rest, the artist talking into a giant fridge whilst weird music was playing on his computer, was not that convincing to me. I didn’t get it. Then again we missed most of the performance, due to the rather lengthy process of dressing-up for Halloween of course. In the room next door there were some great giant sculptures by Mark Handforth. One of them a huge paper clip that I really liked. The best installation in the gallery seemed to be Olympia’s Halloween costume. In the bright lights of the space juxtaposed against the white walls her raunchy version of the burka i.e. a huge piece of black lace covering her entirely was quite a site. Underneath it she wore a flesh-coloured bodysuit, which to the untrained eye made her look naked.

Of course the men were drooling and couldn’t quite believe their luck. I decided on wearing a last minute invention. I went as a leopard on acid. Conveniently this didn’t involve much effort and sort of fit the theme of the last party we were going to, Calder’s Circus. I mean a leopard can be found even in Calder’s Circus right? My mother had found this beautiful Brazilian Samba-esque headpiece on a market last year. I plunked it on slipped into a leopard print mini skirt and a cropped leopard cardie and off I went. That same day I had found one of those 50’s inspired bras by Jean Paul Gaultier Junior on the vintage market on 26th street. Wearing it didn’t make much sense considering I was a leopard but my leopard was on acid, remember? Anyway the outfit was very random I agree but I spent 2 hours roaming through our neighbours dressing up box and I couldn’t find anything that made more sense. My sister went as a silver Bismarck or something. I actually don’t even know what she went as. Silly hats go a long way. By the way I don’t think I have worn anything by JPG Junior since my teens. I don’t think it still exists but back in my junior days I had a few of his pieces. I used to wear this bright purple super tight top, which was laced up in front. I wore it with bright orange bellbottom jeans, which had flowers on them. What a look. They must have thought I was crazy in my provincial school in Regensburg where everyone dressed the same. What can I say I was rocking the 90’s. I wish I had some pix to show you. I was definitely sartorially courageous but I don’t think it made me look terribly pretty. Anyway, where was I, oh yes Halloween. After the gallery we headed all the way to PS1 (MOMAs little sister) which is all the way in Long Island City for our first party of the night. Hosted by famously cool magazine Visionair I imagined the party would be pretty fun. As so often in New York the party was more about seeing and being seen than really about having fun. At PS1 the current exhibition was all about artists collaborating with fashion designers. Most works had been removed for the party but a few installations had been purposefully left. One of which was a catwalk. You had to walk down and of course I made a stupid Zoolander face not knowing I was being filmed. The clip was then shown all across the wall in the room next door. But rather than showing you walk down the actual catwalk we had just walked down, our image was copy pasted into a clip of a real fashion show with crowds of people seemingly watching. It was quite a funny piece and a little mortifying. Other than that not much else happened at that party although I must say there were quite a few cool outfits. My favourite was a bedbug. This time after half an hour we were ready to leave and bumped into Terence Koh as we were leaving. He was dressed (guess) all in white, I think he went as cotton wool.

The best party was our last destination Alisson Sarofim’s Calder’s Circus held as always at her house in the west village. Costumes ranged from the unexpected, Katie Perry (a man) and Russell Brand (a woman) lookalikes to the obvious, clowns and hair filled with coat hangers. The Katie Perry lookalike wore a dress with My Little Ponies all around the skirt. I loved her look, mainly because the ponies were another 90’s favourite of mine. Many of the clowns had amazing make-up. People make a big effort on Halloween I realised once again. There was a girl almost naked only wearing a cream-coloured bathing suit and a big lion’s head. Whilst playing with her tail she spent all night lolling around on top of the fire-place. There were Chinese snake-women doing scary twists and pretzel-fications on pedestals in the corner. Allison wore a simple black Alaïa dress with a great little hat with lots of dangling colourful bits and pieces, very Calder. The narrow townhouse was so jam packed that I barely knew what to do with myself. The funny thing about Halloween is that you don’t recognise anyone and no one recognises you. So if you are not very proactive you end up spending the night with the people you came with. Neville, Olympia’s boyfriend had it hardest. He wore a George Bush mask. The mask’s expression was the characteristic obnoxious GWB smile. Poor Neville looked utterly deranged hidden behind that plastic face. Luckily for me we had each other to hang out with the only other person I recognised and spoke to was Bob Colacello because he went as Bob Colacello.

It was only the next day that I began resenting Halloween. Sunday was hell. In the early evening they began blocking of 6th Avenue in order for a parade to move through. This meant that I got stuck in a cab for 45 min only having moved a couple of blocks on my way to a friend’s dinner party. I got out furious at the world and began to walk. I gave up shortly afterwards and walked home. I simply didn’t have the stamina to fight through 6th Ave and past pathetically disguised adults wasted and out of control. I get it now Halloween is as bad as New Years and I would of course never dream of spending New Year’s in any city let alone NYC.

Since my return I have been slaving away piling in a bit of countryside action and polo. I must say it is heaven to get out of the city on weekends occasionally. Nothing like a bit of greenery and fresh air. I have also rediscovered yoga, dynamic yoga to be precise. I am hugely enjoying the whole process although too much of the spiritual babble can be somewhat tedious and downright hilarious. I do find myself smirking when there is too much chanting and opening of the chakras going on. But I am loving the countless twists, warrior poses and downward facing dog action. It seems to be refuelling my brain with much needed oxygen and blood. God, winter weather gets to me. More from the frontline soon. xx

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  1. Sehr geehrte Kollegin, – so darf man wohl sagen, ich bin eben Schriftsteller – herzlichen Glueckwunsch weil Sie in Rom waren. – und Ihre Mutti half dabei – die meine ist 87 und auch noch aktiv. Sie schreiben gut (Bild Sonntag). Vale (widersehen auf Lateinisch) J Th Pragensis

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