Armory 2011

Since arriving here not even two full days ago, I have already seen and done so much art I could pack up my bags and leave right away and still have experienced enough. Here a few of my highlights so far:

The Independent  (584 W22st Street) in Chelsea is a dream fair. Spread across several floors, it’s free to the public and feels  and looks bright, airie and fresh and feels light years away from the stuffy and intense official fair, the Armory itself. Wandering around I felt more like I was wondering through a well-curated museum show than your typical fair. What I love most abou it is its mix of very established and renowned galleries and young ones. Some of my favourite booths there: Sprueth Magers, Gavin Brown and Bortolami. From the younger ones I love Karma International, Balice Hertling, The Approach and Studio Voltair. I made a few exciting new discoveries as well: For example an amazing gallery called Rodeo from Istanbul. Now that is not really a place I would imagine having a thriving art scene.  The artist  I particularly like there, is an English guy named James Richards and his installation of burning books can be seen above.

I also love my friend Olympia Scarry’s group show of female artists in an old building on 208 Bowery. Olympia’s sculpture for example was made at Matthew Barney’s studio is very much in his spririt fat, saliva and other unappealing fluids, being the ingredients. Nevertheless the solid piece has an appealing quality to it somehow. NothingEverTouches is both playful and conceptual and definitely worth a trip if you are in the neighbourhood and in the neighbourhood you should be to see the fabulous George Condo show at one of my favourite downtown buildings : The New Museum just across the road.

Last but not least my so far highlight outside of artland has to be last night’s gig: A couple of my local friends and savie music connoseures dragged me to an old church in the East Village where we swayed in music by Gang Gang Dance an electronic/Bjork at her best/folky/tripy band with an increadibly sensual gypsy front girl.

That is NYC in a nutshell: colourful, intense and so very unexpected.  Watch out London I am getting very strong thoughts of infidelity.

Enough already I have been working all morning and I have ants in my pants and must get out into the real world. Plus I am gagging to try a newish Vegan hotspot in the East Village. More from the frontline

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