Same same but different!

Back in London a mere 10 days, alas the tranquillity and bliss of St Barth’s feels miles away already. After a few more jam-packed moments all around the NYC Armory and my far too short stint in paradise I’m feeling short of breath, run down by the flue but all that aside, in good form. You can’t beat a bit of springtime in the London, can you? So despite my drowsiness I schlepped myself out of the house on Tuesday night for a double whammy of fashion. Quite untypical I find for London I had two parties of similar nature to attend. Bizarrely both parties were in honour of two young, hot, Asian-American designers, Thakoon and Jason Wu respectively.

One was being celebrated with a grown-up cocktail-party in the smart home of an American heiress in Ladbroke Grove while the other, Thakoon, was cocktailing it up in the basement of Soho house surrounded by the English Tatler brigade i.e the Poppy Delevingnes, the Mary Charteris and entourage. The Thakoon crowd was an all together younger and hipper gang dancing to pretty good electro tunes by Paris-based DJ Misty Rabbit. Was the double whammy of American talent an unintentional faux-pas or could it have been a Brüno-style PR intrigue? Judging from how sweet and relaxed both young talents were, if it was they were unaware. I’m just getting creative with my speculations by the way I doubt there was really any plot involved but its fun to imagine a bit of drama, isn’t it?

Personally I was keen to meet both designers. I am equally fond of their clothes and meeting the talent, makes it all the more fun to wear the label. Jason Wu is of course best known for having made Michelle Obama’s stunning white gown, which she wore to the inauguration ball. Americans and their designers tend to be a tad more conservative than us Euros and it is all the more surprising how sartorially forward -thinking and savvy Mrs Obama, actually is. I don’t know many first Ladies who opt for young designers instead of the established. I can’t see Carla Bruni switching from Dior to Haider Ackermann anytime soon, can you? I wish Kate Middleton would take a look over the pond for some inspiration.

Jason Wu’s current collection is beautifully crafted and mixes delicate embroidery, beads, pearls, lace and ruffles, quite stunningly. In fact that night one of his jackets worn by stylist Caroline Sieber reminded me hugely of Lacroix’s couture. I have been able to take a closer look at some of Lacroix’s creations on occasion when nicking some pieces from my mum’s wardrobe. Chapeau Mr Wu!

Thakoon’s clothes to me feel slightly younger and less precious but equally appealing. I love the mix-up of colours, wild prints, skirts in metallic and faux snakeskin dresses, it all seems to form the perfect summer concoction. So I dragged my flue-ish self from sipping raspberry cordials with Jason Wu in the deepest northwest all the way to Soho in central London to say hello to Thakoon’s party. Naturally I didn’t get changed, I somewhat struggle with that concept, so I ended up wearing the pretty, cream coloured and dotted Jason Wu blouse on to Thakoon. My whole dress faux-pas made for a funny picture and he seemed to be having a blast anyway. “I want to move to London” he grinned. Come to think of it in a way I did end up paying homage to both designers, I guess. After all in the above photo one designer is covering me while the other is leaning on me. Perfect!

A bit of birthday action followed last night at the Doc Kitchen, a newish, Tom Dixon designed venue with an innovatively changing menu, partly very good, partly mediocre food with a slightly disorganized, slow, but friendly  service. It’s worth a try because the vibe is buzzie and it will be a stunning venue in the summer due to its huge terrace. Plus, I think it’s a much-needed novelty to Ladbroke Grove’s samie scene.

And now I am perfectly strung, heading to the countryside to rest-up, or so I hope. Don’t miss my update next week I will report on meeting a living Legend. Until then xxx

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